Software Development Outsourcing model

Go with Infokeys as your premier software outsourcing provider and let us shoulder the responsibilities of full-scale development. Our expert IT team is poised to dive into your project, ensuring a smooth journey through the entire software development life cycle, making the process effortless for you.

When does Software Development Outsourcing Excel?

As a Software Outsourcing Company, we Provide

Our Services

  • Digtal Transformation
  • DevOps
  • ServiceNow Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Platform Services
  • Salesforce Services
  • Workday Services
  • Cyber Security

Digtal Transformation

Infokeys is your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation. With our expertise, commitment, and comprehensive solutions, we empower businesses to embrace the future with confidence, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth in the digital age.


Enhance your IT infrastructure through our expert DevOps services. We provide comprehensive guidance, tool implementation, and process optimization to expedite your digital transformation.

ServiceNow Services

Unlock a seamless ServiceNow transformation experience with Infokeys, where our dedicated team of experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to ServiceNow's powerful platform.

Cloud Services

Our unwavering commitment centers on understanding your unique prerequisites, steering you toward the most suitable cloud solutions, and offering continual support to ensure that your cloud initiatives yield substantial advantages. With us, your cloud journey evolves into a transformative path toward heightened efficiency, innovation, and digital excellence.

Data Platform Services

Transform your data landscape for efficient management and data-driven decision-making, paving the way for business success.

Salesforce Services

At Infokeys, we understand that achieving the full potential of Salesforce requires more than just implementing the platform.

Workday Services

Discover Seamless Integration through Our Expert Workday Services. Simplify connectivity, eliminate data silos, and enable effortless communication between your Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management (FM) processes

Cyber Security

Infokeys offers comprehensive Cyber Security services designed to protect your organization's critical assets, data, and digital infrastructure from evolving cyber threats.

Team Oversight and Supervisory Levels at Infokeys

HR Support

Our strategy for managing a dedicated team entails seamless cooperation with our in-house professionals, including HR managers and talent acquisition specialists.

Technical Leader

Our technical leaders provide essential direction to the dedicated team, supporting them in making incremental architectural and design choices. 

Project Manager

At Infokeys, our management team is dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of our contracted developers and their alignment with project goals.

Account Manager

Within Infokeys, our account managers play a pivotal role as the central link between our clients, the development team, and project managers.

Our Talent Recruitment Process

At Infokeys, we meticulously select potential specialists for your project. Building a dedicated software team involves a comprehensive process.


Talent Acquisition and HR Evaluations

At Infokeys, we engage with potential candidates sourced from both our internal pool and the broader job market. Upon receiving their CVs, we arrange initial conversations to assess their soft skills, delve into their past experiences, and comprehensively evaluate their overall competence.


Technical Proficiency Assessment and Interviews

At Infokeys, we conduct a rigorous evaluation of candidates' technical knowledge and architectural comprehension. Our approach to technical interviews is tailored to align with the technology stack. These interviews encompass both theoretical and practical dimensions, potentially featuring live coding assessments, enabling us to comprehensively assess candidates' skillsets and capabilities.


Managerial Assessment Interview

The managerial interview serves as the final stage in our candidate assessment process. During this phase, we assess candidates for their project suitability, leadership potential, teamwork skills, and engage in discussions regarding their career aspirations.


Legal Compliance, Background Verification, and Security Protocols

At Infokeys, we place a strong emphasis on legal compliance and security measures when assembling a dedicated team. Our process commences with a thorough legal analysis and the drafting of contracts that incorporate stringent security requirements and professional background checks. From a technical perspective, we implement a secure physical and IT infrastructure, meticulously manage access control, and enforce robust cybersecurity measures to align with data protection regulations.


Candidate Presentation

When presenting a candidate to our clients or assembling a dedicated team, we furnish a detailed profile that includes more than just their CV. This comprehensive presentation aids in assessing their technical competencies, as well as their interpersonal skills and compatibility with the project.

Technologies We Use

  • Front-end technologies
  • Back-end technologies
  • Back-end technologies